Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And then she was one.

I've been silent here these past couple of months.  First, my computer broke and I relished the silence.  Then it was fixed and, well, I continued to relish the silence.  But I'm back now.  And will make more of an effort to update here.  For friends and family far and wide and for posterity.  So that I document this time, that is so easy to overlook. These slow moving days full of laughter and the mundane.  It's been a year since our dove was born and it's hard to explain the change she has brought about in me.  I spent the last year searching for myself in a way that I never have before.  It has been both alarming and painful. But then, there's also this joy, unencumbered all-consuming, joy.  And I realize I'm in love with it all. All of it.  Even the shit parts, because this is it and I'm damn lucky.

I could say more.  But I won't.  Not now.  Because, now she is one!  ONE!

Eulalie's first year from Eileen Chanti on Vimeo.