Thursday, September 20, 2012

little dove

little spark was here already but we didn't yet know
1st trimester haze
24 weeks 

the day my water broke.  we waited for three days before she came.

and then our world changed. forever.

At two weeks new we escaped to the coast

So happy to cal this place home.

7 weeks.  My she has grown!

A year ago she didn't even exist.  Not even a spark or a flash--nothing.  Or, maybe she did in the other places.  She was certainly carried in our hearts and minds as we readied ourselves to make that jump.  And now she's here.  Flesh and bones. Squawks and coos and smiles. Heaviness made out of light in our arms as we swing and sway late into the night.

A year ago I wondered where home was.  Travelers, we never could stay put for more than a year.  Meeting new faces, learning introductions so perfectly, but never quite making it to the meat of the matter. Three months ago when she was still safely tucked inside--though we didn't yet know it was her (how could we not have known?  Now it seems so obvious, it's been her all along.)  We risked it all,  packed ourselves up,  and moved again.  Out west.  Back home. Where the world is always green. Through all the moves and changes we've always had one another.  And now there's her too.  Our little dove.

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