Thursday, March 7, 2013

the quickening pace of time

Just like that, winter has come and gone.  It's the beginning of March and spring is shyly beginning to show herelf with buds, blossoms, and flowers.  Our little dove has grown in these past three months.  She has gone from a tiny little thing to babbling, screeching, moving (!) creature with opinions and wants all her own.  It's a wondrous thing watching a child grow.  I swear she's a whole different person from one night to the next.  Sometimes I wake in the night and just stare at her little frame rising and falling as if I'm going to catch her growing right before my very eyes.

These past three months have brought oh so many changes.  We've moved house,  celebrated our first thanksgiving and Christmas as a family of three, the little one started to roll, then inch, and now scoots herself about--choosing to bypass her basket of toys for more interesting things like wall plugs and computer chords, she started eating solids, and is teething in earnest.  Oh so many changes in three short months.  So here we are, moving forward as always.  Growing, expanding, and of course changing.  It's wonderful really, discovering this story that will be ours when our children are big and grown.

*a collection of pictures from my camera and iphone.

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